Enjoy a few days in the wilderness during winter.
For the more adventurous group, play out a survival scenario for fun or even practice for a real world situation
Spend two days and one night in the wilderness, any time of the year. We can handle it!
Get thrust into the wilderness with our experts and learn how to survive in the wilderness with minimal equipment

What to expect from your experience?

Fire craft

  • The importance of a fire
  • The process of making a good fire
  • Tinders. Natural and man made
  • Wood collection and preparation
  • Methods of starting a fire
  • Maintaining your fire
  • Cleaning up after a fire and leaving no trace
  • For advanced courses we offer bow drill lessons

Tools, techniques and using them safely

  • How to safely use a knife
  • How to safely use a saw
  • Batoning safety


  • Importance of a shelter
  • Picking the right location for a shelter
  • One-person debris shelter
  • Two-person debris shelters
  • Tarps and various configurations and the basic knots needed

Camp Craft

  • Advanced courses include crafting a bow drill set from scratch
  • Crafting a simple pot hanger
  • Creating pegs for your tarps or tents

Food & Water

  • The importance of water
  • Sourcing water
  • Purifying water
  • Basic fishing and trapping techniques
  • How to clean and cook a fish


Luke and Paul head to the woods for 24 hours on a training exercise.
You need to understand your physiology. How environments affect your body. From heat to cold, wind to rain etc.
Here is a short list of natural tinders you can find out in the wilds to help increase the changes of getting that all important fire.
People often ask us about sleeping out under the stars with a bivvy bag. We go into detail in this latest post about how best to do that.
Fire is primal. It brings people together. It’s the heart of a camp and used to cook and purify water.
The nuts are delicious, prick skins and roast in the oven or near and open fire. They are great in soups, pickled, candied or even in a stuffing.
A vehicle can be anything from a car or motorbike to an aeroplane. Vehicles for the average person are a means to get from A to B or to and from work.
The fruits are way too sour to eat raw. Best picked after a frost or prick them and soak them in gin to make a sloe gin. You can use them in sauces with apples, wines and jellies.
Young leaves can be eaten raw. The flowers can be made into wine and the ripe berries make a great jelly.
The flowers have a fragrant and honey-like smell, pick them in full bloom and dry to make a soothing tea. You can eat the young leaves raw in salads and sandwiches.
Remove the nuts from the shells, they can be eaten raw or roasted. You can crush them and eat them with your cereal, salad or use in a pesto. You can also soak them in water to make milk.
The small nuts are edible raw without the husk. You can eat the young leaves straight from the tree or in a salad.