Two Day Winter Wilderness Experience

Location: Telford, UK
Age: 18+
Date: TBD
Course size: 5 people
Food: See kit list
Pets: Not allowed
Arrival: 07:00 Saturday
Depart: 19:00 Sunday
Price: N/A

Due to COVID-19 this experience is currently unavailable.


Meet and greet

A welcome introduction, a chance to bond, prior to start of survival course. 

Day 1

  • Guided walk and talk through the location, along with safety information.
  • H.E.S.T.A
  • Setting up a group shelter and communal area, the do's and don'ts of working in a team. 
  • Individual shelters (tents, tarps, tarp-tent and insulation from the ground) 
  • Fire workshop - methods, fire lays, fire types, and techniques.
  • Lunch
  • Tree/plant I.D
  • Herbalism workshop - herbal medicine, foraging for plants and trees.
  • Wilderness first aid.
  • Dinner 
  • Evening workshop
  • Supper


  • Morning coffee and Breakfast
  • Camp duties
  • Group meeting
  • Water workshop
  • Methods of procuring it. Finding it. Cleaning it.
  • Tracking/ concealment workshop
  • Break for lunch
  • Talk about equipment, what to carry, what not to carry. What you should always carry.
  • Practical lessons on natural shelter building, fire starting and water procurement
  • Tear down of camp and shelters, tidy up and leave no trace
  • Head back to the cars before night-fall
  • Have a chat and debrief on your experience. Give any feedback you may have.

Register Interest if you have any questions or do not have all of the required equipment, drop us an email.


At a bare minimum we require you to bring these items with you.

  • Tent, Poles & Pegs or Tarp 3x3m
  • Winter sleeping bag (recommended  -5c)
  • Wool blanket / ground sheet / insulated matt
  • Warm clothing and spare socks!
  • Boots/wellingtons
  • Water bottle (at least 1 litre)
  • Food / Rations to last 72 hours (3 meals a day breakfast, lunch, evening meal)



  • Bushcraft knife
  • Foldable saw
  • Rucksack
  • Paracord
  • Lantern
  • Head Torch


  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Toilet roll


  • Camping Stove & Fuel (gas or twig stove)
  • Matches/Lighter/Ferrocerium
  • Candle
  • Small pan/pot


  • Bin Bags

Author: Paul

Paul has had an interest in the outdoors since he was a young kid. Walking, tracking and exploring the wilderness around him, from disused overgrown railway lines to the vast wilderness of the UK national parks. Over the last few years Paul has honed his skills into specific areas of bushcraft and survival. He is an expert in map reading, shelter building and knots, traps and fishing.


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